Spanish Now Supported by Our Business Plan Generator

Spanish Now Supported by Our Business Plan Generator

Exciting news for everyone!, your go-to AI for making business plans, just got better. From the start, our website has welcomed both English and Spanish speakers. But, when it came to making a business plan, we only had English. Not anymore!

Now, you can create your business plan in Spanish too! This is a big step for us in making things easier for more people. Spanish is a language spoken by millions around the world, and we wanted to make sure everyone could use our tool in the way that works best for them.

How it works

Spanish Now Supported by Our Business Plan Generator

When you are ready to create your business plan, just go through the steps as usual. On the last step, you will see an option called "language of the business plan". Here, you can select Spanish. Plus, on your business plan page, you will find a language selector in the bottom left corner. This makes switching languages easy, readying for more languages in the future.

This update is all about breaking down barriers. We want everyone, no matter what language they speak, to bring their business ideas to life. And this is just the beginning. We are planning to add more languages so that even more people can use

We are excited to see more Spanish-speaking users create their business plans with ease. Thank you for your support, and we cannot wait to bring even more features to help you succeed. Stay tuned!

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