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Brandon Towner, CEO Faver, USA

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Moffat Dingalo, R&D, Botswana

“Simplemente espectacular, felicidades.”

David Rollon Muñoz, Fundación Altem, Spain

How it works

Four Steps to Your AI Business Plan

Our AI Business Plan Generator efficiently creates a customized, professional business plan for you in less than 15 minutes.

step 1:

Answer a brief questionnaire

step 2:

Our AI Crafts Your Plan

step 3:

Edit, Format or Regenerate

step 4:

Export as PDF/Word

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Table of contents

Your Business Plan's Table of Contents

Upon generating your business plan, you will receive detailed sections covering everything from your Executive Summary to Financial Projections, providing a complete and insightful overview of your business strategy.

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Executive summary
A brief overview of your business, including mission, leadership, and financial highlights.
Business description
A snapshot of your business, including industry, history, and future prospects.
Market research and analysis
Analysis of target market, trends, and competition + SWOT analysis
Organizational structure and management
Details of business structure and management team roles.
Products or services
Overview of what your business offers and how it's produced.
Marketing and sales strategy
Brief strategy for marketing and selling your products or services.
Operations Plan
Outline of daily business operations, logistics, and facilities.
Financial plan
Financial projections, including key financial statements and analysis.
Risk analysis
Identification of potential risks and strategies to mitigate them.


Functional Highlights

Discover the core functionalities of our service, from intuitive in-browser editing to flexible AI regeneration and convenient export options, all designed to streamline your business plan creation.

Lifetime Access
Enjoy lifetime access to your business plan, allowing you to make unlimited changes and updates at any time, ensuring your plan evolves with your business.
In-Browser Editing
Edit and format your business plan directly in your browser with a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface.
Section Updates
Easily update any section by providing specific details or prompts, like adding a sentence about desired investments.
Export Options
Conveniently export your completed business plan to PDF or Word formats for easy sharing and presentation.

Examples & Templates

Business plan examples

Explore examples created with our AI Business Plan Generator. These are real outputs from our service, showcasing the depth and personalization achievable for your own plan. Click 'See more business plan templates' for additional examples.


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Is payment secured?
Yes, your payment is secure. We use Lemon Squeezy for processing payments, ensuring a safe and reliable transaction environment. We do not store any of your credit card information, prioritizing your privacy and security throughout the payment process.
How can I contact you if I encounter issues?
You can always reach out to us through the contact form or via in-app chat. Our support team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to assist with any issues you may encounter.
Why is BizPlanner AI not a free business plan generator?
To ensure the highest quality, BizPlanner AI utilizes advanced, professionally developed AI models that require a subscription. These paid models enable us to generate comprehensive and customized business plans tailored to your specific needs. This investment in premium technology is why BizPlanner AI is not a free business plan generator. Our commitment to quality and precision in planning supports your business's success.
Can I generate an AI business plan in 15 minutes?
Yes, you can generate an AI business plan in 15 minutes or less. However, in rare instances when there are issues with the OpenAI API, the process might take slightly longer. Rest assured, we strive to ensure a quick and efficient service for all our users.

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Spanish Now Supported by Our AI Business Plan Generator

Spanish Now Supported by Our AI Business Plan Generator

Exciting news for everyone! BizPlanner AI, your go-to AI for making business plans, just got better. From the start, our website has welcomed both English and Spanish speakers. But, when it came to making a business plan, we only had English. Not anymore!