New Feature: Add Images to Your Business Plan

Great news for BizPlanner AI users! We've added a new feature that lets you insert images directly into your business plans using our easy-to-use Notion-like editor.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Adding images, like product photos or charts, can make your business plan more engaging and easier to understand. Now, you can quickly enhance your documents with visuals to better explain your ideas.

How to Add Images

How to Add Images

How to Add Images

Here’s how to do it:

  • Click the "+" icon in your business plan where you want an image.
  • Select "Image" from the menu.
  • Upload an image from your computer, and it will appear in your plan.

Easy Export

When you’re ready, export your business plan with images intact to PDF or Word. Your visuals will look as sharp in your exported document as they do online.

New Feature: Add Images to Your Business Plan

How to Add Images

More Than Just an AI Business Plan Generator

With this update, BizPlanner AI becomes more than just a tool for quickly generating business plans. It's a versatile platform that allows you to enhance and continuously update your plan with visual elements, all from within your browser.

Try out this new feature today and see how simple it is to make your business plan visually appealing!

Happy planning!

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Introducing the Best AI Business Plan Generator Version 2.0

Since the release of our initial version, our team has been diligently working on developing BizPlanner AI Version 2. We are committed to enhancing your experience and providing the best tools to support your business planning needs.

Components of a business plan

A well-crafted business plan is crucial not only for securing investment but also as a roadmap for the future of a company. It outlines strategies for growth, operations, and overcoming challenges, serving both new ventures aiming to enter the market and established businesses seeking expansion or innovation.